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          Upcoming Events                 

Join us for the last Night at the Castle.

The Snatch mcc would like to invite you all to a night to say our farewells to the legend of a place the castle (now the hotel California)
As most of you know the snatch have a lot of history with the venue and we thought that we needed to give it one hell of a send off,
We invite all our current members 
Ex members (that includes santchgrabbers)     family and friends to a night of history making 
 For your entertainment the legend that is, DJ                                                                                                       Camo. He will be returning for  one night only                                                                                                     and not to be missed, 
                                                                            we also have live entertainment from the AC/DC Experience 
                                                                                    Join us and live the dream
                                                                                                £5 on the door

Please share some of your memories of the place with us on the event with pictures if you have them 


              The 28th Snatch Rally   

The Club would like to Invite you to the 28th Snatch Rally ,June 15th - 17th 2018

 with Local band Head Honchos  playing Friday night, Saturday get your 70's clobber on and stomp the night away to the fabulous   Koo Ka Choo .to be held at the Wirral Club, same venue as last year, Weekend Tickets £12 plus Camping or £10 for the Saturday night only.

(£15 on the Gate for the weekend).......See Rally page for full details and Tickets.

a polite note from Wirral rugby club,

Please Do Not bring you own alcohol into the Clubhouse.


This is a really good cause  29th September at Saltney Social Club and we’ve got an amazing band to play at this brilliant charity night for our lovely friend  Debs so let’s raise as much money as we can for her 

Debi has been fighting a rare form of bowel cancer since 2011, she has had many treatments and life changing surgery and through it all she smiles and puts up a fight that leaves us in awe. Those of us that are lucky to know and love her are truely inspired by her. Now Debi needs OUR help. We need to raise £65,000 for immunotherapy treatment to give Debi the best chance of a prolonged life. We have designed this T shirt for Debi and her fight. All profit from sales will be go to Debi's JUST GIVING PAGE. Please help us help Debi.

      Get your Inspired Tee Shirts Here    .

              Crowdfunding Page



           Woody on the Drag strip             

Slow motion clip of Phil Wood doing a 7.65 second run from the Extreme bike weekend at Santa Pod, the other guy seems a bit slower than Phil! It's on Facebook so you will have to be loged on to watch it or click here for a Fast slower run   




              The Snatch on TV            

Scottish Tv program, the Harbour, featuring the Snatch crossing to Shetland and the SimmeR Dim rally


Flicker Photostream 

If you go to our Photos page I have just added a link to our flicker account, where you can check out all our photos from days goneby, if you have any photos old or new of you and the Snatch Mcc send them to us at and we can add them to the list, cheers Keith.....